Have you ever wondered what type of armored cars are driving the influential political figures and the celebrities? Which brands they buy and why? Do they choose cars that are not only armored, but also luxurious?

Armored car of the president

If you are curious at least a bit, then stay with us, because we have prepared a list of the top 10 of the most luxurious armored cars in the world.

10. Lexus LS 460 L

Lexus LS 460 L is the perfect combination of design, luxury and super protection. It is designed and built by INKAS, and this is the favorite car of the people who are require safety, speed and comfort from their armored vehicle.

Although it is armored, Lexus LS 460 L is designed to be able to avoid problems rather than to suffer major damage. There are armored elements on the vehicle that protect the passengers in the car against frontal attacks from bullets or grenades, but its main goal is to be able to develop high speed within a short time so that the passengers can escape the danger. That is why INKAS have put a lot of efforts and work on its speed.  

Lexus LS 460 L has an engine with eight-stage automatic transfer gearbox that can develop a speed of 389 horsepower. The interior of the armored Lexus LS 460 L meets the needs of the customers and provides luxury and comfort while on the road.

The interior of the car is entirely made of genuine leather and wood, as the passengers can use a minibar, satellite connection, office equipment and a bunch of additional extras that will be appreciated by the influential and rich people.

9. BMW 750 Li Sedan

International Armoring Corporation turned one standard BMW into one of the most luxurious armored cars. BMW 750 Li Sedan is equipped with a powerful engine with power V 8 with 400 horsepower, which provides speed that is very much needed in case you need to quickly escape an attack.   

Unlike most sedans in which only the back seat is armored, BMW 750 Li Sedan is a completely armored vehicle, including the exhaust tube, the radiator, dashboard and the fuel tank. In this way, besides luxury, the sedan provides complete protection for both the passengers and the driver.  

8. Cadillac Escalade ESV

Everyone who cares about the luxury of the car as much as for the protection it provides, directs his attention to Cadillac Escalade ESV.

Armored Cadillac Escalade ESV

We are trying not to be biased, but Becker Automotive Design have reworked Cadillac Escalade ESV so that the vehicle charms with its extremely stylish interior that includes leather upholstery, wooden lining, modern office equipment, big flat screens, Internet and a bunch of other extras. The protection of the vehicle is equally impressive and includes an additional chassis, ballistic protection of the exterior, made of steel, 40 mm thick windows that are able to withstand rain of bullets.

7. Mercedes – Benz S – Guard

Mercedes – Benz S – Guard is one of the bestsellers among the luxury armored cars and there is a reason why. From the outside, Mercedes Guard has completely preserved its design and is no different from the other Mercedes vehicles, but the interior is more than luxurious, and the protection is flawless.   

The armored car has a built-in S – Guard that is able to stop a continuous fire from machine-gun М60 and to provide oxygen to the passengers if the car is subject to gas attack.

6. Knight XV

Here we can’t say that we are not sure if the vehicle is armored, because there is no doubt about that. This car is an extremely rare find, as there are only about 100 cars manufactured of this type.

The producer of Knight XV is one of the leading manufacturers of armored cars Conquest Vehicles, which has put a lot of efforts to provide full protection to the passengers. Each armored Knight XV is equipped with V 10 engine, and it has transparent or non-transparent bumper, with high strength, special composition of Kevlar and fiberglass for the weaker areas of the vehicle, and the wheels are reinforced with aluminum wheel rims that prevent them from being damaged.

The interior of Knight XV looks more like a luxury hotel room on wheels. The luxurious armored vehicle offers to the passengers satellite TV, a bar, a fridge, heated seats, a black box and a media entertainment center.

5. Audi A8 Security

For a person who does not know for sure whether the vehicle is armored it would be very difficult to determine, because Audi A8 Security is so designed that it does not differ from a standard, luxurious Audi. However, the resemblance is only on the outside, because Audi A8 Security is certified by the German Ballistic Test Center, which proves that the vehicle has a VR7 level of protection. This means that its corpus can withstand almost everything that is fired at it.  

Audi A8 Security is armored with special aluminum alloys and the windows are made of polycarbonate layers that do not allow the destruction of the glass in the event of an explosion. In addition, Audi A8 Security is provided with smoke detectors, LED signalization, digital radio signalization, siren and others. There is no need to mention that it is very luxuriously furnished, but anyway… Everyone who rides in this incredible car can enjoy the soft leather seats, the satellite TV that he can watch while drinking his cocktail, taken from the mini-bar in the car.

4. Mercedes – Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes – Benz G63 AMG is one of the most luxurious armored cars ever produced by INKAS. The vehicle comes with numerous improvements of both the exterior and the interior. The expensive black leather that covers the seats, the natural wood elements, the custom light, the surveillance cameras built-in in the compartment, all these extras provide maximum security and comfort to the passengers.  

In terms of protection, G63 AMG has ballistic protection, rear protection plate, protection of the tank, additional protection of the passenger compartment, designed to provide complete protection against bullets, explosions and shrapnel.

3. Huron APC

Although the Huron APC cannot be called a luxurious armored vehicle, we still place it in the ranking, because this car is a real beast that is able to scare even the most vicious attacker. This massive armored vehicle is able to withstand heavy munitions attacks, including the M80 Ball and ammunitions 7,62 х 51 SC.

Its floor is constructed and reinforced to withstand grenades or other explosions. There is a machine gun on the roof that can repulse an attack of a whole platoon of attackers. Huron APC is not intended to provide personal protection but for military protection.  

2. „The Beast” – Cadillac One

„The Beast” is the most emblematic armored vehicle, as the US President rides in it. The armored luxury limousine has an armored fuel tank, fire extinguishing system, additional oxygen system, and additional weapons in the luggage-carrier.

Made of steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics, the bumper is so heavy that the doors are hard to open from the outside. „The Beast” is not only luxuriously furnished but also has its own coded system in case the President needs help.

1.Dartz Kombat T98

Manufactured in Russia, Dartz Kombat T98 is able to repulse any attack. It was originally produced for the Russian army, but very soon the SUV was also used by the rich Russian people and oligarchs for personal protection. The armored luxury vehicle is able to withstand all kinds of attacks, including high-caliber rifles and RPG.

Luxury armored Dartz Kombat T98

The Kombat T98 is currently leading in the ranking of the world’s top luxury armored cars. The armored SUV provides incredible protection and unprecedented luxury to the people who are able to afford it (the price of Kombat T98 starts from 1,500 000 US dollars). This armored vehicle, produced by the Russian company Dartz, is very luxurious. Its entire interior is upholstered with whale skin, gold-plated areas with diamonds, and there is a golden finish on the windows.