General terms

for performing services with cars
(effective from 14.07.2016)

Art 1. The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Service Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) between “NEXT SECURITY” EOOD, hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR and the ASSIGNORS, as they determine the terms and conditions for performing the services offered. from the CONTRACTOR.

Art.2. By signing Protocol 1 and / or by signing the Contract, the ASSIGNORS accept, confirm and agree with the content of these General Terms and Conditions as an integral part of the Contract.

Art. 3/1 / The ASSIGNOR pays to the CONTRACTOR the full price upon signing of Protocol 1 according to a previously made application. Payment for the service is made in cash at the office of the CONTRACTOR or by bank transfer. The CONTRACTOR provides an opportunity for the provided services to be paid to the driver (in cash or by credit card).

/ 2 / The price indicated for each car is final, incl. VAT, and upon payment, the CONTRACTOR shall issue a tax invoice to the ASSIGNOR.

/ 3 / All costs are included in the price, except for the mileage of armored and retro cars, for which due to the high cost of their maintenance, as well as the return rate when returning from destinations outside Sofia, the required time is taken into account in the price list.

/ 4 / Each started half hour is paid by the ASSIGNOR to the CONTRACTOR as ½ hour according to the price list for the respective car.

/ 5 / Each additional kilometer of mileage included in the price for armored cars is paid BGN 5 per km for mileage below 100 km per day and BGN 3 per km for mileage over 100 km per day, and for retro cars BGN 3 for km for mileage below 100 km per day and BGN 2 per km for mileage over 100 km per day

/ 6 / Within the city of Sofia, the mileage to the place where the car is delivered is free of charge.

/ 7 / When ordering a car for an address outside the city of Sofia – the time of arrival is paid according to the price list for the specific car. When staying in the car outside the city of Sofia, it is necessary for the driver to be provided with a hotel with breakfast included (minimum 3 stars), as well as food costs in the amount of BGN 20 per day.

/ 8 / In case of transfer from the airport or other place, the time is counted from the time of arrival indicated in the reservation, regardless of the delay of the plane or other means of transport.

/ 9 / All additional costs outside the pre-ordered services shall be paid by the CONTRACTOR upon signing Protocol 2. Payment shall be made to the driver in cash or by credit card.

Art. 4. / 1 ​​/ When ordering a car, the ASSIGNOR should notify in advance about the type and number of luggage.

/ 2 / The requested car arrives at the address indicated by the ASSIGNOR, after which a contract and a protocol for the performed service are signed. Upon concluding the contract, the ASSIGNOR identifies himself with an ID card, passport or other identity document.

Art.5. The ASSIGNOR and the CONTRACTOR make a thorough initial inspection of the car, prepare and sign Protocol 1.

Art.6. The ASSIGNOR bears full property responsibility for all culpably caused damages and owes their full compensation immediately after their establishment without the need for an invitation.

Art.7. “NEXT SECURITY” Ltd. offers the opportunity to hire an armed driver and / or personal bodyguard.

Art.8. The General Terms and Conditions may be amended, supplemented or revoked by NEXT SECURITY EOOD, as the respective amendments and supplements or revoked clauses shall enter into force with respect to third parties from the date of their announcement on the website

Art.9. All disputes arising between the parties in connection with the performance and / or non-performance of the service contract and / or these General Terms and Conditions shall be resolved through negotiations. In case no agreement can be reached between the parties, each of them should raise the dispute before Arbitration at the Bulgarian Commodity Exchange.

Art. 10. The current provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the cases not settled in these General Terms and Conditions.

These general terms and conditions have been accepted by NEXT SECURITY EOOD and come into force as of July 14, 2016.

According to Art. 33 of the Bar Act, this notice and its annexes are inviolable and are not subject to review, copying, verification and seizure and cannot be used as evidence.

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