Terms and conditions



‘NEXT SECURITY’ Ltd for providing car services

for providing car services

(effective as of 14.07.2016)


Art. 1. These General terms and conditions constitute an integral part of the Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agreement’) by and between ‘NEXT SECURITY’ Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the ASSIGNEE and the clients referred to as the ASSOGNORS, and specify the sequence of services execution offered by the ASSOGNEE.

Art. 2. By signing the Protocol 1 and/or signing the Agreement, the ASSIGNORS accept, confirm and agree with the content of these General terms and conditions as an integral part of the Agreement.

Art. 3/1/ The ASSIGNORS shall pay the ASSIGNEE the full amount upon signing the Protocol 1 in accordance with the advance order. The payment for the service shall be made in cash at the office of the ASSIGNEE or via bank transfer. The ASSIGNEE shall provide an option for the services offered to be paid to the car driver (in cash or via a credit card).

/2/ The price indicated for each car is final, incl. VAT, and the ASSIGNEE shall issue the ASSIGNORS a tax invoice for each payment.

/3/ All costs are included in the price, excluding the mileage of the bullet-proof and retro cars because of their high maintenance costs as well as the return journey from destinations outside of the city of Sofia are subject to additional payment, and the timing is calculated as per the price list.

/4/ The ASSIGNORS shall pay the ASSIGNEE for every started half an hour as ½ hour as per the price list for the relevant car.

/5/ The cost for each additional kilometer mileage above the mileage included in the price for the bullet-proof cars is 5 BGL/km if the mileage is less than 100 km for 24 h a day and 3 BGL/km when the mileage is over 100 km for 24 h a day, and for the retro cars 3 BGL/km if the mileage is less than 100 km for 24 h a day and 2 BGL/km if the mileage is over 100 km for 24 h a day.

/6/ The mileage to the place you get into the car within the city of Sofia is free of charge.

/7/ If ordering a car for outside the city of Sofia – the travel time to the starting point shall be charged as per the price list for this particular car. If the accommodation is outside the city of Sofia, the driver shall be provided with а bed and breakfast accommodation (at least 3-star hotel), as well as subsistence expenses amounting to 20 BGL per day.

/8/ For transfers from the airport or elsewhere, timing calculation starts from the arrival time suggested by you, regardless of the plane or other motor vehicle delay.

/9/ Any additional costs beyond the pre-ordered services shall be paid by the ASSIGNEE upon signing the Protocol 2. The payment shall be made to the driver in cash or by credit card.

Art. 4 /1/ In ordering a car the ASSIGNORS shall inform in advance of the type and piece of luggage.

/2/ The ordered car arrives at the address specified by the ASSIGNORS and the Service Agreement and Protocol shall be signed after that. Upon signing the Agreement the ASSIGNORS shall present an identity card, passport or other identity document.

Art. 5. The ASSIGNORS and the ASSIGNEE shall make an initial detailed inspection of the car, and then constitute and sign Protocol 1.

Art. 6. The ASSIGNORS shall bear full financial liability for any culpable damages and shall pay full compensation immediately upon their finding without the need to call.

Art. 7. ‘NEXT SECURITY’ Ltd offers hiring an armed driver and/or personal bodyguard.

Art. 8. The General terms and conditions can be amended, supplemented or cancelled by ‘NEXT SECURITY’ Ltd, and the relevant amendments or supplements or cancelled clauses shall become effective for third parties as of the date of their announcement on the website www.brone.bg.

Art. 9. Any disputes between the parties regarding the execution and/or breach of this Service Agreement and/or these General terms and conditions, shall be resolved through mutual negotiations. If the Parties fail to reach an agreement, each of them shall raise the dispute to the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Art. 10. All the outstanding issues as per these General terms and conditions are subject to the provisions of the Legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

These General terms and conditions have been agreed by ‘NEXT SECURITY’ Ltd and are effective as of 14.07.2016.


In accordance with article 33 of the Bulgarian Bar Act the present notice and its attachments are immune and shall not be subject to inspection, copy or seizure and shall not be used as evidence.

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