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♦ Cars are rented out only with а driver.
♦ The price listed for each car is final, excluding VAT. The company issues a simplified invoice.
♦ An additional fee of 5 BGN is charged per kilometer driven for each car.
♦ The return journey from destinations outside of the city of Sofia are subject to additional payment, and the timing is calculated as per the price list.
♦ If the accommodation is outside the city of Sofia, the driver shall be provided with а bed and breakfast accommodation (at least 3-star hotel), as well as subsistence expenses amounting to 40 BGL per day.
♦ Every started half an hour shall be paid as ½ hour as per the price list for the relevant car.
♦ If ordering a car for outside the city of Sofia – the travel time to the starting point shall be charged as per the price list for this particular car.
♦ For transfers from the airport or elsewhere, timing calculation starts from the arrival time suggested by you, regardless of the flight delay.
♦ When you rent a car, please inform us of the type and piece of your luggage to ensure we can collect it.
♦ The car arrives at the address specified by you and you are required to present an identity card and sign a service agreement and protocol.
♦ The service is 100% prepaid in cash at our office. Additional time and mileage are payable to the driver by issuing a statement.

We offer hiring an armed driver and/or personal bodyguard.

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