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♦ Cars are rented out only with а driver.
♦ The price specified for each car is final, inclusive of VAT, we issue tax invoices.
♦ The price includes all of the costs, excluding the mileage of the bullet-proof and retro cars because of their high maintenance costs.
♦ The return journey from destinations outside of the city of Sofia are subject to additional payment, and the timing is calculated as per the price list.
♦ If the accommodation is outside the city of Sofia, the driver shall be provided with а bed and breakfast accommodation (at least 3-star hotel), as well as subsistence expenses amounting to 20 BGL per day.
♦ Every started half an hour shall be paid as ½ hour as per the price list for the relevant car.
♦ The mileage to the place you get into the car within the city of Sofia is free of charge.
♦ If ordering a car for outside the city of Sofia – the travel time to the starting point shall be charged as per the price list for this particular car.
♦ For transfers from the airport or elsewhere, timing calculation starts from the arrival time suggested by you, regardless of the flight delay.
♦ When you rent a car, please inform us of the type and piece of your luggage to ensure we can collect it.
♦ The car arrives at the address specified by you and you are required to present an identity card and sign a service agreement and protocol.
♦ Fee shall be paid in advance and in cash at our office or via bank transfer. It is also possible to pay it to the driver (for cash or credit card payment).

We offer hiring an armed driver and/or personal bodyguard.

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