Terroristic threats, daily violence on the streets of the cities, kidnappings, growing social injustice and escalation of the tension. All this threatens not only the safety of politicians, businessmen and celebrities, but also ours, the safety of the ordinary citizens.

To ensure their safety, more and more people think of the custom made armored cars and ask themselves: „Can I and how to order an armored vehicle?”

If you also have thought of this or you just want to satisfy your curiosity, then you are in the right place.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman photo | Brone.bg

From where and how to order an armored car?

From a car manufacturer

Many manufacturers of armored vehicles offer custom made armored cars for elite customers. The advantage of ordering an armored vehicle directly from the manufacturer’s factory is that the perfect integration between the original housing of the car and the armored protection is achieved.

Manufacturers that you can order an armored vehicle from


The German carmaker produces custom made armored vehicles, designed to withstand three risk categories – street crime (protection from Magnum 44), organized crime (protection from car firefighting with АК – 47) and explosive devices attacks. BMW also offers a special security setting for the Series 7 and X5, which are certified from VR 4 to VR 9.


Mercedes offers the Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard with classes Е, G, M and S, which can be ordered with protection levels from VR 1 to VR 10.

Land Rover

Land Rover produces custom made Range Rover Sentinel that is certified under the VR 8 standard against ballistic attacks, which means that it can withstand all kinds of attacks on the road and from air.

Armored Audi limousine | Brone.bg


Audi A8 L Security with a certificate VR 9 is the suggestion of Audi.

To place an order to one of these car companies, you should contact their special orders department  

Of companies that execute orders for custom made armored vehicles

There are many companies like these nowadays, but some of the most popular are: Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), Armormax, Alpine Armoring Inc, Streit Group.

Before you place the order, you have to choose a car that you wish to be armored, also a level of protection and functions for it according to your individual needs, and finally you should contact the company to make the agreement.

Is there a difference between a basic car model and a custom made armored vehicle?

There is a difference, and it is not small, but you know that. Basic cars are luxurious and equipped with high technology, but manufacturers pay attention mainly to the comfort, luxury, reliability and safety on the road. In the event of a terroristic attack, such a vehicle can’t provide you with protection, because it is not equipped to do so.

The main purpose of the armored cars is to protect the life of the passengers in the car from all kinds of attacks. These vehicles are reinforced and equipped with extra protection, and they not only save the lives of the passengers, but give them the opportunity to respond to the attack if necessary.

That is why it is quite logical that the price of the custom made armored cars is much higher than that of the luxury basic car models.

And before you ask about the price, we will tell you that it is determined based on your requirements on protection. The price may vary from 40 000 US dollars to 100 000, and sometimes it may even reach one million dollars over the price of a new luxury basic car model.  

Pricing is complicated because, depending on the level of protection you define and the extra reinforcement or additional needs, the price goes higher.

If you have already decided to purchase an armored vehicle, here we will present to your attention the top custom made vehicles.

Mercedes S600 Pullman State Limousine

The limousine is huge in size and many people think that there are celebrities inside who just want to attract attention. This happens, but actually Mercedes S600 Pullman State Limousine is one of the most preferred vehicles that provide safety to the passegers. The car is able to withstand bullets and explosives, and its interior functions as a hopper.

Volkswagen Phaeton

The armored custom made vehicle is produced by the special project department of Volkswagen. It offers customers the opportunity to customize the interior and exterior in order to meet the needs of comfort, luxury and protection. The very fact that Phaeton is used by the German Chancellor, the European officials, even by the Pope, speaks of the great protection this vehicle has.

Armored lux Maserati vehicle | Brone.bg

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte is provided with ballistic protective shields, but what makes it even more unique is the fact that the armored model is so precisely designed that it is hard to distinguish it from the standard basic model. Maserati Quattroporte is the preferred armored vehicle by the Italian government, because it provides the highest levels of protection while preserving luxury and class of the Maserati brand.

Rolls – Royce Phantom VI Limousine

Rolls – Royce attracts the attention on the road because it is a classic in the genre, but few know that it is a custom made armored car. The company doesn’t disclose any information about their armored cars, because their customers are people with very high social status, but it is known that the exterior of Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Limousine is from Kevlar.

Range Rover

Range Rover has the reputation of a secure car, but the 5.0 – liter V8 armored option is with bullet resistant interior and the car is able to move even with flat tires. Moreover, the floor and doors are protected against explosive attacks and bullet attacks of high caliber. The armored option of Range Rover can run on all types of terrains.  

Audi A8 L

The designers of this vehicle have thought of every possible scenario and they have produced an armored vehicle that can protect the passengers in every possible situation. The car even has a key that can blow off the windshield of the car if an emergency evacuation is needed.

Armored black BMW on the street | Brone.bg

BMW 760Li High Security

If someone decides to attack this armored vehicle with gas, then he will be totally disappointed, because BMW 760Li High Security is equipped with protection against gas attacks, which guarantee that in the event of such an attack, all windows and ventilation openings will automatically close and clean air will start circulating in the car.   

The car is able to withstand an explosion, it also has an intercom system, allowing the passengers to communicate with others outside the car, without the need to open the doors and go out. BMW 760Li High Security is equipped even with fire alarm system and it has a compartment with two machine guns, with which the passengers can defend themselves if necessary.

Porsche Panamera 4.8 V8 Turbo

Porsche is a very famous car brand, so the owners of the armored versions of Panamera can be sure that their car won’t lose its style and luxury. Porsche Panamera 4.8 V8 Turbo are equipped with good protection that can stop any caliber bullets.

For even greater protection of the floor and the roof, an extra layer of 3 mm ballistic steel is added, the windows are bullet-proof, and the reservoir and radiator are protected with a bumper.

Bentley Mulsanne

The brand is a manifestation of the class, and the custom made armored vehicles Mulsanne are rmored by Mulliner Division, a company that armors the vehicles of Queen Elizabeth. The car can protect the passengers from fire, explosives and chemical attacks from both the ground and the air.