Rent-a-Car|Car interior of Audi А8 Quattro

We believe that broadcasting style is undoubtedly one of the main demands when choosing a car. Beautiful design, shiny rims, pure color, in which you can see your reflection, head-lights, which seemed to stare directly at you, to be able to penetrate to the heart and make him pounding to the rhythm of very bitter engine. Beauty inside and out. And an even greater sense of lasciviousness … Obviously, we are not the only who know the meaning of the phrase “style on four wheels.” It seems that the luxury Audi is not only aware, but also “to you” with this concept too. But beyond style, Audi hides and yet another trick up his sleeve. Or maybe we should say in our dealerships … Exsactly – security. And what can ensure you greater safety on the road than to ride in an armored car with an experienced driver? Almost nothing else. For this reason we have chosen to include Audi A8 Quattro sedan to our collection of armored car for rent. Emerging as champion back in the year in which it appears, the car is described as a relative winner with regard to the durability against shots of powerful firearms and other extreme external influences.

The posh limo is granted to you with the highest armoring. The truth is that the car is heavier than the base model, but it is necessary when a high degree of security is required and is completely normal taking into account the durable and dense material used to ensure the complete safety. According to the ballistic standards of CEN, materials estimated to B7 level of armoring can defeat multiple projectiles from 7.62×51-mm gun. With this level of protection, the vehicle can withstand exactly this type of ammunition that try to penetrate the armor. Moreover, B7 has the ability to protect the Audi from 7.62x54R ammunitions used for weapons such as SVD, sharpshooter Dragunov  and PKM machine guns. Almost like a tank right?

Taking all this into account, we can conclude that the German automaker stands no nonsense i

Rent-a-Car|Audi А8 Quattro frond picture

n safety in the armored Audi A8 limo from 2009. It is equipped with the most effective Quattro system that promises permanent all-wheel drive. The system makes the presentation of the car in turns just amazing. But when the speed is high, the technology allows the tires to do not lose absolutely no grip, even when it rains. The car just moves on the asphalt as attracted to the magnet!

Another thing which make the armored car Audi A8 famous is that the different components are handmade in 

specially designated and protected areas. There, according to the automaker, the process by which the specific parts are placed and adjusted for this model requires specially trained staff and takes approximately 450 hours to be all finished to perfection.

In terms of that how the car looks outside, a relatively low profile makes Audi to seems as if any moment could be fired, avoiding direct ballistic attacks from all sides. Dressed in a gray, the car definitely hints available sophistication. Interestingly, according to psychologists, the gray color is characterized by the color of individuals who do not like to stand out from the rest. But here we do not agree with them because this model is hard not to stand out. Inside the salon is marked by dark leather. Sitting in the rear the car feels long and low, but visually is more than wonderful. The comfortable seats predispose to work on a computer while on the road. If not, passengers can simply drink their coffee sure not to spill even a drop of it.

Finally, how do you think, whether the most famous British agent James Bond would trust a difficult to tame but super reliable German beast as a luxury rental car such as Audi A8 Quattro?