What are armored cars?

Although years ago armored cars were considered a luxury that only the rich and famous could afford, they are now more affordable than ever. Armored cars are an excellent way to show the taste and sophistication of an important event and at the same time to ensure the safety and peace that we need and to ensure a smooth running of our event.

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We offer a wide variety of brands and designs of armored cars for every taste that are made of reinforced materials that withstand various types of armed attack, as well as special protective and state-of-the-art communication systems.

More and more people can get close to the luxury and safety that armored vehicles provide. Because everyone deserves to feel secure, especially during important moments of their life.

The armored car gives us a sense of luxury but also full security from an armed attack that can endanger our lives as well as the condition of the cargo we are carrying with the vehicle.

Armored cars can be used for different types of events and purposes: family holidays such as weddings, prom, special ceremonies, company events, and business trips with partners, transportation of important secret items and valuables. Different types of vehicles can be armored: limousines, sport and elegant sedans, retro cars, jeeps, helicopters, yachts and motor boats.

Why do more and more famous people (and ordinary people) prefer the protection of armored cars?

Because of the increased risks of attacks by terrorist groups and various criminal organizations in our modern world, more and more wealthy people with power such as politicians, monks, businessmen, showmen, celebrities from the music business, artists and others resort to armored cars.

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The purpose of armored vehicles is to have a high resistance to sniper rifle shots, Kalashnikov type machine guns, grenades, shrapnel, special explosive devices, projectiles that have been fired from different angles, and powerful chemical attacks.

They should also be able to defend themselves from a military weapon attack with bullets, high-speed explosive missiles, mines and other types of weapons.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that similar attacks around the world will soon stop, and for that reason they are constantly looking for ever more revolutionary solutions for ballistic technology in car protection. The current situation calls for a change in international standards for security for armored cars which enforce stringent rules and a more extreme environment during armored car tests.

The security systems are constantly improving, newer bullet-proof safety glass systems are developed, which can be transparent or opaque, a greater reinforcement of the tires and internal parts such as engine and tank as well as a better hermetic closing of the passenger compartment.

An armored vehicle, for example, may continue to move for some time from the attack site, even with the four tires flat. Also the vehicle has two tanks. When the primary one is damaged, there is a second one that has a special protective foam to prevent ignition

Armored vehicles are also equipped with fire protection systems. Additional constructive fortified parts in certain areas of the vehicle, such as where key passengers and the driver are seating or the area where the load is located are added also to an armored vehicle.

Companies that produce such cars are developing newer and newer technologies and design developments to increase the durability of car armor parts. The highest level of protection for armored vehicles is VR10.

Armored vehicles undergo special new tests and then receive a special certificate for a level of protection against explosions.

Most armored cars around the world have a level of protection VR9 which is introduced by ballistics institutes. One of the most prestigious ballistic institutes, for example, is the one in Ulm. The certificates of this institute and its tests are recognized at an international level.

The armored vehicles have a reinforced structure and an additional fortification of the body and the glasses which are thicker than those of ordinary unarmored cars (reaching a thickness of 13 cm) and on which protective layers of specific substances are applied.

Glasses of high-class armored vehicles that are designed for truly deadly attacks can hold the bullets 100% without breaking the glass. High quality materials such as hardened steel with increased wear resistance, wrought iron, alloyed aluminum, Kevlar panels with increased strength and flexibility, organic polymers, plastic elements, titanium alloys which is twice as thick as aluminum, enriched uranium, even ceramics, whose heat resistance is used to reduce temperature and protect against overheating. In most cases, part of the armor elements of the car are placed manually.

How do they provide us with safety and comfort?

Armored cars where elegance can be skipped, such as SUVs and special-purpose transportation vehicles, usually have a more noticeable armor and a higher weight, which slows down the speed of the car and makes it more difficult to control and maneuver.

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They usually reach a speed of 180 km. Unlike them, standard luxury armored cars made for celebrities; manufacturers are striving to achieve a balance between protection and elegant style. The result is an easy-to-drive car with the lightest weight possible, which develops high speed (from 100 km for 4-6 seconds to 250 km) and can take on powerful attacks.

Typically, armored cars are twice as heavy as regular unarmored cars. In the production of armored cars the weight and the need for greater wear resistance are taken into account when installing all parts such as suspension, brake systems, engine construction, as well as reinforced chassis, whose important role is to carry the increased weight of the vehicle.

Despite the fact that armored cars are equipped with plenty protection systems and reinforced constructions, their interior does not lack luxury and convenience. We can hardly realize that the luxury car is armored at first glance.

Additional security features can be added to the car’s bumper, which are completely unnoticeable with a naked eye from the outside. Apart from aesthetic purpose, this technique is also used to confuse the organizers of the attack who cannot assume exactly what level of protection their target has.

This is precisely what the mastery of bumper fabrication consists in – it must be unnoticeable without removing the glamor, comfort and sense of coziness. The interior of the armored vehicles is entirely made of natural wood and leather materials and most of the interior elements and technological details are custom made. Despite its reinforced construction, the armored car rides quite smoothly and can develop from 180 to 250 km per hour.

Armored cars offer the same range of extras and luxury amenities as well as similar unarmored copies. Armored cars have extras such as a beverage bar, air conditioning, air ozonizing, telephone, intercom, black box, and various communication systems to exchange secret information.

At client’s request, optional extras can be added to the armored car. The armored car itself is like a small home. Its purpose is as a strong fortress to protect its owner as much as possible while providing comfort and comfort throughout the journey.

As attackers of celebrities become more and more creative with their attacks and weapons, armored vehicle manufacturers invest time and money in developing more reliable and resistant to attacks armors.

Their purpose is to create a lightweight armor but at the same time to provide the necessary protection. The goal is to clean the design without compromising its ability to take on attacks and to keep unharmed passengers inside it.