Due to the increased risk of armed attacks in the recent years the bulletproof cars became very popular on the car market. Their fame is due to the fact that they provide a high level of ballistic protection. At the same time, besides the direct ballistic protection, these bumper cars are required to provide comfort and luxury to their owners in all situations.

The cars with bumper give a sense of security and they are a true symbol of prestige, as well of style. The benefits of these vehicles are really big, and more and more famous people who have money and power, realize the importance of having such bulletproof vechicle.

The bulletproof cars – security, tranquility and protection

The bulletproof cars, besides being a symbol of exquisite taste, style and prosperity, are also a kind of protection of the privacy and a life insurance. They have many applications depending on the respective model. They are used especially for important events such as proms, birthdays, weddings, transportation of VIPs, diplomatic meetings and trips, reception of important guests, parades, transportation of important goods, valuables and special items, as well for other purposes.

Armored vehicles production in Bulgaria

The good thing about these vehicles is that they can be made to look like ordinary cars. Very often the armored cars are almost indistinguishable from the other standard car models. This is done in order the attackers to be deceived about the car in which their target is actually located. Also, in this way, the organizers of the attack can‘t guess the exact level of ballistic protection of the vehicle.

The truth is that more and more famous persons from the showbiz, as well politicians, diplomats and ambassadors invest in such type of cars, as they have proven to be a reasonable investment in our personal safety. Despite the fact that the bulletproof cars are similar to fortified fortresses on wheels, the comfort of their interior is not compromised.

Extras of the bulletproof cars

Armored cars offer a bunch of extras to their owners, making their stay inside an enjoyable experience. The ride with such cars is smooth and passengers feel as if they are in a small cozy office or even in their home.

Armored Audi in Bulgaria

Their interior offers an unusual space for a car, and is made of leather upholstery, custom made. There are material such as custom made wood, brass, chrome.

The armored cars are equipped with everything necessary for the comfortable and trouble-free travel of their owners – telephone, high speed internet, air conditioning, ventilation, modern video and audio systems, communication equipment for sending secret information, intercom,  personal lighting, air ionization, intelligent aromatization system, massage systems, anatomic pillows, refrigeration bars for drinks, panic alarms, black box.  

Levels of protection of the bulletproof cars

The armored cars provide extraordinary protection against various types of armed attacks with small or larger ranges. They have different protection levels that meet international and world standards, the set by ballistic institutes, for ballistic protection tests.

Armored Mercedes in Bulgaria

The highest such standard for ballistic protection for example is VR10. Once a vehicle passes such test, it receives the respective level of ballistic protection and is considered fit for sale.

The hull, suspension arrangement, tires, braking systems, engine construction – all vehicle systems are reinforced with materials resistant to attacks. The chassis is additionally reinforced in order to be able to bear the heavier weight of the bulletproof car. The window glasses are provided with special bulletproof systems, the doors are thickened and they close hermetically.

High protection class against attackers

Armored car are designed so that there are no weak places and possible gaps left, in the event of an attack that can allow injury of the passengers. They are equipped also with fire-fighting systems. They are made of materials with increased wear resistance such as wrought iron, alloyed aluminum, hardened steel, Kevlar panels with higher flexibility and strength, made of Kevlar, plastic elements, alloys of titanium, organic polymers, enriched uranium, ceramics and others.

Armored vehicles in Bulgaria

The owners of vehicles with ballistic protection are protected from shots of powerful large-caliber firearms and other extreme outside actions. As armed groups are becoming more resourceful in their attacks and they continuously are improving their weapons, this poses a challenge for the manufacturers of bumper cars.

The companies producing bumper are constantly developing increasingly innovative technologies, and they implement them in the bumper of their cars. They are challenged to make even more lightweight bumper, which at the same time protects against a wide range of armed attacks from different sides of the car.

The passenger cabin has hermetic protection and additional protective layers between the exterior and interior frame of the passenger compartment.

I.e., the bumper must not only be extremely strong, but also be able to withstand crash from all possible sides and distances. The requirement for lightweight bumper comes from the fact that after the bumper is placed on the car it becomes comparatively heavier than usual (2 times heavier than the standard car).

This slower speed of the respective bulletproof car will be a problem in case of an armed attack and eventual car chase, when the vehicle has to reach maximum high speed. It is desirable for a car with bumper to be able to reach 100 km/h for 4 sec. The standard speed that armored vehicle, built according to the newest technologies, develops is 180 to 250 km/h. Therefore, in order to keep the high speed of the vehicle, the bumper manufacturer aims to use in the production lightweight materials and apply new methods of armoring.

The bumper of the car has to bear light attacks with stones, bats, gunfire, Kalashnikov rifles, firing with bullets that can bore the bumper, as well more destructive attacks, such as high-speed and rocket shells, grenade launchers, automatic shooting with military weapons by organized groups, an armor-piercing shells, powerful explosions, as well chemical and biological attacks.

In Bulgaria the production of bulletproof cars is still not developed enough compared to other countries. It is a fact, however, that in one Bulgarian town, the production of the first for Bulgaria bulletproof cars will be started, in order to be met the needs of the police and the military forces. This town is Samokov and there was opened a new factory by the newly-founded Bulgarian company “SAMARM”, and in this factory were invested nearly 5 million BGN for the production of a new line bulletproof cars. It is owned by two Bulgarian companies in the industry – “Samel-90″ and”International Armored Group BG”, jointly operating as “SAMARM”.

In the factory in Samokov will be produced armored cabins, which will be mounted on the chassis. All vehicle parts without the chassis and the engine will be manufactured in this plant. Armored cars will be additionally equipped with communication devices, electro-optical devices, special arming against attacks, military equipment for radio-electronic combat.

The bulletproof machines can be designed so that to serve communication stations, mobile systems for fire regulation, emergency ambulances.

The first three state vehicles of this kind, in Bulgaria, have already left the plant and they were displayed at the opening event of the factory. They are intended for use by the Bulgarian army, police, as well for border protection.

At first, the focus of the company “SAMARM” is on the possible clients on the Bulgarian market, but the option for export to other European countries is not excluded.

Another intriguing fact is that the partner company “International Armored Group” is an international company with 20 years of experience in the area of design and production of bulletproof cars and reinforced window glasses. The owner is Yordan Simeonov, who is the co-owner of “Samarm”. The company has opened branches and enterprises for bulletproof cars in nine countries. It owns working manufacturing plants in the Arab Emirates, Turkey and USA.