Rent-a-Car|Car interior of 2016 Mercedes-Maybach

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or see a luxury car S-Class? Yes, we thought the same too. But as brilliant expressions we use, they will not be enough to describe the feeling with which Mercedes S class gives us automatically. It just filled eyes and soul of a true car connoisseur. In German language, S represents the abbreviation for Sonderklasse. In other words, the German way of expressing “special class” car, which is designed for special people. As a flagship, this range luxury cars appeared with remarkable features. They incorporate the latest innovations of the company giant, involving drives, motors, transmissions, safety technologies, optimized interior and so on. And if now the tightening belts are accepted as an integral part of any vehicle, it is interesting to note that namely Mercedes-Benz S-Class give the rise to this trend. They are the main “originators” for that, not having to tighten, roll up and store our belts by hand. Convenience, compactness and genius. Not accidentally the S-Class is justified as the most successful luxury sedan in relation sell and buy.

In this vein, 2016 Mercedes-Benz S500 Maybach limo not only appeared on the market but and arrives with a bang … Like the long-awaited Hollywood star who set foot on the red carpet with all possible splendor of the world. With this car is the same. It is not just different from any other car out there. This car has everything you can imagine for your journey, because it meets the requirements of each discerning client. The global sub-brand screams prestige, sophistication and value. Not just a car. S500 Maybach is a style and lifestyle. And no the fuel, the immortality drives the Mercedes.

If you still wonder whether this is the vehicle for you … Well, let us make it easy and present to you the car inside and out.


The exclusive exterior features include several key elements that determine the car as a true “Sonderklasse.” Namely, mounted on the trunk lid stands the emblematic sign Maybach. When you see it … you saw almost everything. In addition, in order to feel fully what does mean the S in the name of the Mercedes, let us to add that he has a fine vertical chrome trim and chrome double slats in the lower part of the bumper. What a more perfect ending of this can highlight the elegance and the high quality? None. The length of that car equals 5.453 mm.


Inside the luxury car for rent is just perfect! That’s its power. The exclusive equipment in the interior and the overall design can be described as an essence of the modern luxury car. And they make the car better than 5-star hotel … To some extent, of course. The cabin includes a renovated and improved materials, so that a sense of elegance is visible to 101% … Minimum. The whole package with distinctive attributes include unusual upholstery, particularly at the rear of the Mercedes-Benz S500 Maybach. The seats are surrounded by fine wooden upholstery, on the doors you can see the panels that are made of leather, in addition to those ornaments we find and chrome grilles, optical cable for lighting by the armrest and others. The atmosphere inside is adequate even for the British Queen. The s

Rent-a-Car|Limousine Mercedes S500 4matic Maybach

pace is huge, and the

seats are super comfortable. The Mercedes, definitely the Maybach Mercedes feels special, stable, and most importantly, feels expensive.


The model that we offer comes with a V 12 4 MATIC. He is able to produce a torque of 830 NM at 1900 rpm. A power … 530 KW. The only lit

tle thing in the car is its fuel consumption – about 8.9 liters per 100 km. The top speed is 250 km / h .

And now, still you wondering whether to rent this car….? Hardly.