Rent-a-Car|limousine Mercedes S500 Maybach


          Everybody work hard. Develop the business. Create work places. This activity involves a lot of travel and meetings across the country. And on the way everybody needs luxury and security. Yes, these luxury and security can be provided by the modern, armored limousines.

          LUXURY – To travel comfortably, to think, to read, to conduct a important conversation, to relax, to listen to your favorite music, to read the latest news;

          SECURITY – You are convinced, that the armored vehicle provides it to you completely, it makes you protected and calm, untouchable, it guarantees the safe perimeter, from which you need to work and rest while traveling.

Especially because of the luxury and the security that provides the armored limousine, it is the preferred method of transportation of heads of state, heads of governments and parliaments, successful businessmen and stars of the world show business.

Friends, we have created the site in order to allow you to take advantage when you need itRent-a-Car|Picture of armored jeep from offered by us armored limousines. Our armored vehicles are manufactured as such, with original steel-clad Class “B7”, equipped with tire system “PAX” – designated for armored vehicles and depending on the season.

All security systems with which the limousines are manufactured, are operated and maintained according to the manufacturer’s requirements. The limousines a

re equipped with additional systems, that make them more – safe during move and stay.    

Our professional drivers will make your travel a safe pleasure.

Contact us and we will provide you the comfort and the security that you need.