What determines which car is the best? Everyone has individual preferences , but when it comes to a serious ranking, experts come to the rescue.

The most significant advantage of armored cars is that they provide maximum security , ensure the safety and life of passengers in them.

However, this feature is far from enough if you have to compare the different models of armored cars. Then speed, maneuverability, lightness and a bunch of other technical specifics come to the fore.

Which are the best armored cars in the world?

In terms of protection, according to the new international standard VPAM, may 14 degrees are distinguished. The standard has been recognized for more than 15 years by the European Association of Bulletproof Certification Centers and Structures.

Generally speaking, each level corresponds to a certain caliber and type of ammunition. The type and strength of the bumper, windows and other important features of the car are taken into account.

Thanks to the modern technological revolution, automotive engineers, constructors and designers are creating more and more impressive machines. Vehicles are becoming faster, more durable and with all sorts of extras. And vehicle manufacturers are making more and more new offerings.

With the proviso that ranking of the best armored cars would not was long-lasting, in view of the constant achievements in mass production and individual procurement, it is still possible to point out some of the well-recognized achievements on the road.

They are considered one of the excellent armored vehicles at the moment, which are suitable for urban conditions and for long distance travel. Each of the cars has enough excellent performance and advantages, which deservedly can get into a kind of Top of the next ranking.

Best Armored Vehicles

Audi RS7

We start with the recognized for fastest armored car Audi RS7. Lightweight of its construction, allows really enviable parameters of the machine. The luxury and highly protected vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in a staggering 2.9 seconds.

Who are the best armored cars in the world?

Even more impressive is the top speed of 325 km / h, which can develop an armored car. One of the technical advantages of the car are the polycarbonate panels on the body and the “beast” under the hood.

The innovative design provides the necessary durability, which is not inferior to steel armor, but is almost 60 percent lighter. So the car is unearthly fast and maneuverable a.

There are also significant improvements in ultra-modern glass, which provides resistance to Magnum 44 bullets. The extras of the Audi RS7 do not stop there, because the driver can activate smoke curtain around the car and turn on the system for protection against chemical attack. The armored one The car is equipped with a 4 , 0-liter V8 petrol engine , which has two turbines.

Klassen Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography

The top ranking is the breathtaking armored vehicle model Klassen Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography. Even in appearance, the car impresses with its scale, as it reaches 6.2 meters.

Which are the best armored cars in the world?

Its ballistic protection can prevent attacks by 7.62 caliber automatic weapons, as well as withstand up to 80 kilometers after an attack. Regardless of its parameters, the vehicle can be six-seater or the number of seats can be ordered by customers.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The work of the same car company is also the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Here again we have a rather extended model of a car that reaches 7 meters in length.

The engine of the machine is with power of 571 horsepower, and the luxury the limousine has an elegant interior. Inside, the car is equipped with an ultra-modern audio system and LED lighting. In terms of the degree of protection, the model can withstand Kalashnikov attacks and grenades.

Which are the best armored cars in the world?

Lincoln Navigator L

No less good is the armored Lincoln Navigator L. The car is manufactured by the Canadian company Inkas.

Improvements made to the bottom, roof and side doors ensure maximum safety for passengers from 7.62 × 63 mm rifles and DM51 grenades.

In addition to this in terms of technical part, the vehicle has a 3.5-liter 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine. The automatic transmission is 10-speed.


BMW also offers a branded version of its car models. Introducing X5 Protection VR6. The crossover is not inferior to other armored vehicles. The car has protection against Kalashnikov and a 15-kilogram TNT attack. The designers of the model have strengthened the roof, so that it can withstand an attack with a drone with a 200-gram C4 charge.

Inside the cabin are provided extras that help save the lives of passengers from various weapons and unpleasant surprises on the road. The BMW X5 VR6 Protection features a 4.4-liter V8 with two turbines.

The maximum speed that the motor vehicle can develop on the road is 210 km / h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in a remarkable 5.9 seconds.

Which are the best armored cars in the world?

Aurus Senate L700

The armored Aurus Senat L700 is the improved version of the luxury sedan Senat L700. The design improvements provide an extremely high level of ballistic protection.

The designers reveal that this has been achieved with the help of armor, steel and Kevlar elements. The aim is to protect against armor-piercing bullets, even from the sniper” Dragunov “.

This armored vehicle is designed to transport the political elite of Russia , and it is expected to be put into production for private clients in a few years.

Under the hood there is 4.4-liter gasoline V8 with turbo engine, And the automatic transmission is 9-speed.


Of course, these are just some of the familiar armored vehicles on the road. And new models always surprise with ultra-modern improvements. On the other hand, when the car is custom-made , many of the extras can be increased in proportion to the price.

Which are the best armored cars in the world? Protection experts say that in modern motor vehicles, technology allows many new improvements. This is largely due to the materials used.

With their help preserve the mobility and maneuverability of the car and as it happened clearly, this should no longer be at the expense of machine speed. That’s why safer cars can develop quite high speeds.

Armored models have long been a rarity on the road. They are no longer a trademark only for the political elite or celebrities.

There are more and more customers who want maximum quality plus maximum security for themselves and their companions. It is for these reasons that many of the major motor vehicle manufacturers are able to offer armored vehicles that meet certain standards, imposed by the market.

Armored vehicles are no longer associated only with military action, but are used by private clients with different social profiles. Many cars are extremely luxurious and adapted to urban conditions, and their appearance does not always show that they are highly protected.

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