Maximum security is the main feature of every armored car . Until recently, the guaranteed extra was a trademark for political leaders, popular stars and businessmen, but armored cars are increasingly appearing on the road.

While decades ago the term armored car was rather associated with military action, today it is perfectly normal for such vehicles to be seen in urban conditions .

One hundred years after the appearance of the first armored car made for Al Capone, its current counterparts are significantly more sophisticated in terms of the level of protection, which is largely due to the technological boom and innovation.

And while Capone’s armored vehicle was supposed to protect him from the “patlaks” of the competition and the police, now the weapons are different and the challenges are different. However, the goal is still the same – to protect the passengers in the armored car as much as possible and to be untouchable in case of malicious actions against them.

What are the benefits from armored vehicles?

When it comes to armored cars, the main feature is their level of protection. Of course, all innovations are a consequence of technical progress and creativity of automotive engineers.

Armored can be a wide range of vehicles, such as limousines, SUVs, sedans and with them the maximum protection to be people inside , whether moving in urban or extra-urban conditions.

The eight-level EN standard for ballistic protection determines the level of the car

The standard EN 1522 / EN 1063 offers seven levels, which are from B1 to B7. They are recognized by the European Committee for Standardization. It is believed that from the first to the fifth new car protects up to medium-scale armed attacks.

Class B1 and B2 vehicles have armor that protects against 9mm and 38mm projectiles. B3 shell can protect against .357 Magnum projectiles. The B4 level is higher and accordingly guarantees security in more serious attacks even with 44 Magnum.

Experts say that the higher the class, the better the car’s performance. That’s why at level B5 we are already talking about protecting the passengers in the car in a 5 meter attack with Magnum.

Protection against 50-caliber bullets and explosions of different degrees guarantee B6, which also protects against 7.62 × 54-millimeter bullets fired by a sniper Dragons or P KM machine guns.

B6 or B7 level cars have significant improvements as they use high levels of ballistic steel and tempered glass . In this way they are protected from shelling by the Russian AK-47, the American M14 and M16, the German G3, the Belgian FN FAL.

It is no coincidence that such vehicles are also used in areas of military conflict. The last two levels provide security in attacks with hand grenades and grenade launchers.

Какви са ползите от бронираните автомобили?

VPAM is the new international standard that defines 14 levels of protection 

When weapons change, the ways to protect them must change. This mainly concerns armored vehicles, for which there is a new standard of protection.

It has been popular for about 15 years and has been approved by the European Association of Centers for certification of bulletproof materials and VPAM structures.

14 are the levels according to the new protection standard. Each level corresponds to a certain caliber and type of ammunition. But the assessment of the car is still comprehensive, which means that the bumper, windows or other important characteristics of the vehicle are also essential.

The old B7 index corresponds to VR9 of the 14 levels. Cars that cover one of the first five levels o provide protection from 9mm cartridges or 357 caliber pistol provide cars of the first five levels of ballistic protection.

Such vehicles are more accessible and can often be detected in urban environments.

And yet, no matter how high the level of technical performance of an armored car, it can give a 100% security guarantee, only if there is a series of massive explosions. But for urban conditions, the 14th degree is too serious an extra and gives maximum security to the driver and his companions.

Armored car rental

Widespread around the world is renting armored cars for a certain period of time, when an important person is abroad and wants special transportation . Armored car rental is the easiest and fastest way to ensure security and protection on the road. Whether with or without an occasion, such a pleasure is always worth it.

Excellent cars, correct service and high quality offers Brone . There you can find your armored beast. The company has a wide range of vehicles that can meet the highest requirements of customers.

When the car is rented, a qualified driver can be hired. Drivers are instructed to be correct, polite and must be professional. In addition, the cars are well maintained, with high quality and good prices.

Renting a car is a good choice when the customer needs an off-road vehicle to get to a mountain hut, for example. Very often armored limousines are preferred for weddings. They provide luxury, protection and many extras for passengers.

Rented armored cars are not just a means of transportation. They can really be a protection for your user . The purpose of such a vehicle is to ensure the health and life of passengers and the driver.

With a high degree of protection, the vehicle can really withstand even a rain of bullets without problems, as well as more serious attacks.

Какви са ползите от бронираните автомобили?

How much does it cost to rent an armored car?

Security is important and therefore any additional extras of the armored vehicle will be included in the price , but what is worth more than human life?

When renting a car you save a lot of headaches if you have your own car. Alternatively, you can rent the vehicle for a limited time, hours, days, or weeks . You save to take care of maintenance, repairs, damage and more.

Rent is the best option, which is widely popular for business trips, vacations or business meetings. Rental costs are far lower for all consumables and maintenance than if you own a car.

Increasingly, customers are looking for armored buses and motorcycles . In Bulgaria, the company “Brone” offers this opportunity. When using a bus you can request additional service, which includes professional security, ie. you can also hire an escort if needed. Motorcycles are rented out against the display of a valid driver’s license.

On the page of you will find all available information and conditions for available cars and how they can be rented. The company’s customers have excellent reviews and recommendations for available vehicles and the team of professionals.